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You are an ambitious MD who appreciates that you can’t do everything and needs a sounding board to discuss your ideas with.

Your business is either growing from the 5+ staffing levels and you need help to ensure you cover all bases. Or you’re taking the next step from 10+ staff. Either way, it’s a challenging time.

You know you can no longer do everything yourself, and you need someone who’s been there and done it before who will care about your business, and help you as little or as much as you choose.

The good thing is, we can help you during this challenging time and beyond. You’ve got nothing to lose, call Jo Moir (rhymes with lawyer) 07972 770 841

The challenges you face now may include:

  • Delegation – most entrepreneurs are rubbish at this and if they do delegate they abdicate responsibility.
  • Cash flow – a daily battle for most during periods of growth, you must know your financials daily
  • Implementation – you may disagree with me initially, because you haven’t got where you are from not doing things. However, with growth comes choices and priorities. Make sure you’re making the right choices.
  • Time Management – this is where you need to schedule time out of the business otherwise you’ll burn out.
  • Staff Management – this is a tricky area, as you’re moving from being a happy little family to employing more people and the roles need to be defined . You must be a strong, decisive and consistent leader.
  • You! – this is where an outside perspective can be helpful, because you need to develop you too.

As Richard Branson said,

“In order to grow you must be able to let go”

Who would you rather work with:

– someone who’s read some ‘self help’ or ‘business’ books and done a day’s course?

– someone who spent over 20 years’ mainly in the complex motor trade, as right hand man (Head of Finance) to very successful MDs and ensured the businesses could cope with 5 fold growth?

I know which I’d prefer!

Read about me here ‘Jo Moir rhymes with lawyer’


What our clients say:

Stephanie Smith from Pea Green Physio Ltd and Pea Green Rehab & Training Ltd

“Jo is amazing! My business was in the doldrums, bookkeeping in a mess, didn’t know where I was and got her and the team involved and pow! I’ve moved to larger premises, expanded my team and doubled my turnover in 2 years. I couldn’t have done it without Jo’s help and support.”



Our direct approach gets results and our expertise really does become your resource.
Buckinghamshire based but with a National coverage.

Go on, call us on 07972 770 841 and let’s have a chat about how we can deliver results for you and your business.